Radio Advert on Large Scale Land Based Investment (LSLBI) Tool

In this short video, you will listen to a short Radio Advert on LSLBI tool that ran on different radio stations in Uganda. The idea was to popularise the LSLBI tool.

ESAFF Song on Malabo Declaration

SSFs from EAC composed a song challenging EAC leaders to allocate 10 per cent to the National Budget.

Women in Agriculture Conference 2019

A story by DREAM TV in Uganda on the Annual Women in Agriculture (WiA) Conference 2019 organised by ESAFF Uganda with support from TrustAfrica. The Conference was organised under the theme “Making policies and programs work for rural women in agriculture”
This Story is recorded in the Luganda language.

Climate Change is not Gender Neutral

The video explores the various challenges that are particular to women in relation to climate change in Southern and Eastern Africa. It also highlights the initiatives being taken by various groups of women to adapt to the changing climatic conditions.

Our National Chairperson Speaking to NBS TV about funding the agriculture sector

National Chairperson of ESAFF Uganda during an interview with NBS TV's Luganda News talking about the current funding gaps in the EAC especially in Uganda. He called on government to increase funding to the agriculture sector and also address the current linkages in the sector

NTV reports about SSFs courtesy visit to the EALA Speaker

On 30th October 2018, small scale farmers from 5 EAC countries visited the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the EALA to discuss about their Petition to the Heads of State on their commitments in the Malabo Declaration of 2014

Small Scale Farmers' view on the Proposed Constitutional Amendment of Article 26

ESAFF Uganda members from different districts share their views on the Proposed Constitutional Amendment of Article 26. All of them believe that Article 26 of the Constitution should never be amended.

Small scale farmers' views on government buying maize at 500 Uganda Shillings per KG

Government plans to spend 100 billion shillings on buying access maize from farmers at 500 Uganda Shillings per KG, we asked farmers to share their views and this is what they had to say.

SMALL SCALE FARMERS PETITION Demanding the EAC States to Allocate 10% Budget to Agriculture Sector

Bukedde TV reports about Small-scale farmers demanding 10% of the national budget

Small-scale farmers Demand the allocation of 10% of the national budget to agriculture

Uganda farmers are calling upon EAC member states to implement the 10% allocation to the agriculture sector as per the Malabo Declaration of 2014. #ActMalaboNow

No Farmer, No Food

Campaign song used by farmers to justify the role small scale farmers play in feed the nation. This song was composed by ESAFF members in southern Africa.

Dream TV report on the launch of the 1M signatures petition on the #ActMalaboNow Campaign

Small scale farmers from EAC are demanding regional Heads of States to allocate at least 10% of the national budget to the Agriculture sector in order to boost real economy growth and eradicate poverty and hungry