Four strategic areas have been identified as critical to ESAFF Uganda’s mission and future.

Focus 1: Farmer-led Movement Building
ESAFF Uganda focuses on strengthening membership from sub-county level to national level through building capacity, networking with likeminded organisations, recruiting more members and strengthening knowledge management. ESAFF Uganda therefore focuses on building a strong small-scale farmer-led policy influencing structures of the Forum from grassroots to national level and contributing to regional and global processes.

Focus 2: Food sovereignty
ESAFF Uganda focuses on promoting and protecting the right of small scale farmers to control their own food systems, including markets, ecological resources, food cultures, and production modes. The approach focuses on achieving the important principles of food sovereignty which include the right to food, democratic food production systems, the strengthening of local markets, fair trade relations and the formation of fair prices, common conservation of natural resources, the freedom of association, empowerment, and the debt relief for states, land rights especially for women as well as promoting agroecology and resisting GMOs.

Focus 3: Agriculture Financing
ESAFF Uganda focuses on increasing small-scale farmers’ participation in influencing the increase in agriculture financing by both public and private sector in Uganda as well as influencing regional and continental agriculture development targets through using evidence based policy advocacy. Increased investment in agriculture would contribute to ending hunger, halving poverty through inclusive agriculture growth and transformation, enhancing resilience in livelihoods and production systems to climate variability and other shocks.

Focus 4: Economic Empowerment
ESAFF Uganda aims at skilling of small scale farmers and empower them in overcoming economic challenges by promoting entrepreneur skills, resource access and management and green growth. From enhancing crop yield and keeping animals healthy to market access, ESAFF Uganda works to ensure livelihoods are resilient and profitable by empowering small scale farmers’ especially women and youth to improve productivity and profitability.