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Our vision is to have empowered self-reliant small scale farmers

Improving women farmers’ access to quality seeds in Uganda

Small-scale farmers, particularly women, face challenges that affect their seed sovereignty such as lack of access to quality seed, the influx of fake seeds in the markets, and increasing pressure from
multinational corporations. With all these challenges it is difficult to increase production and productivity
to achieve food security and sovereignty. ESAFF Uganda used a community-led seed security model
in one district of Northern Uganda to ensure that small scale farmers can access quality seed and have the power and right to save, use, exchange and sell seeds.

For more cases in Africa, please go to: https://afsafrica.org/case-studies-seed/

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ESAFF Uganda is a small scale farmer initiated and farmer-led movement formed to facilitate processes through which smallholder farmers’ development concerns can be solicited, articulated and ultimately addressed through local, national, regional and international policies and programmes.

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