Community Seed Banks (CSBs): A Groundbreaking Opportunity to Realize Small-Scale Farmers’ Seed Rights

Community seed banks are greatly contributing towards the realization of and promotion of small-scale farmers’ seed rights and sovereignty by ensuring that communities conserve and manage their genetic resources while ...

From Breeding Objectives to Breeding (or Selection) Methods

Guided by the results of the diagnostic stages, farmers are able to set breeding objectives. Breeding objectives are composed of the ideal crop traits that are desired by the results ...

Illustrated Guide on The Diagnostic Stage of The Farmer Field School Approach in Participatory Plant Breeding

The diagnostic stage is crucial stage of the Farmer Field Schools where small scale farmers perform a collective diagnosis of their situation and the problems and challenges they encounter in ...

Agroecology Can Achieve Climate Justice

ESAFF Uganda acknowledges that achieving a more resilient agricultural sector is fundamental not only for a low-carbon future, but also the realization of more than 8 of ...

Sowing Diversity equals Harvesting Security (SD=HS)

In the face of hunger as a result of climate change, women and children suffer the most yet they are the custodians of seed ...

Guidelines For Organic Certification of Individuals, Farms and Businesses Producing Organic Agricultural Products

Although Uganda has a huge potential, its participation in Organic Agriculture export market is very limited because of the strict sanitary and Phytosanitary requirements of the export markets, low levels ...


ESAFF Uganda is a small scale farmer initiated and farmer-led movement formed to facilitate processes through which smallholder farmers’ development concerns can be solicited, articulated and ultimately addressed through local, national, regional and international policies and programmes.

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