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Our vision is to have empowered self-reliant small scale farmers

The Small Scale Farmers’ Food Sovereignty Campaign Plan

As the pressing issues of poverty, hunger, malnutrition, climate change, and other sociopolitical and environmental issues become more tenacious, despite global pandemics like COVID 19, floods, and other disasters, the ...

Small scale farmers' Assessment of the Agro-Industrialisation Budget Allocation FY 2022/23

With a focus to increasing Agriculture financing as a prerequisite for prudent and adequate financing to the sector guided by the 2014 Malabo declaration of the 10% commitment by Government, ...

Alternative Dispute Resolution

ESAFF Uganda in partnership with GIZ under the “Responsible Governance of Investments in Land” (RGIL) project in Uganda conducted a series of awareness-raising, monitoring, dialogue and alternative dispute resolution mechanism ...

WORLD FOOD SAFETY DAY 2022: Food Safety is Our Responsibility

World Food Safety Day is celebrated every 7th of June to draw attention and inspire action to raise awareness of food safety and help prevent, detect and manage food borne ...

Building Farmer Field School (FFS) Network in Uganda

This brief highlights the formation of the National Farmer Field School Network hosted by ESAFF Uganda. The National Farmer Field School Network is a network that brings together all the ...

Letter to Consumers on World Health Day 2022

World Health Day, held on the 7th of April each year, is an annual day dedicated to promoting the benefits of good health and wellbeing worldwide. First started by the ...


ESAFF Uganda is a small scale farmer initiated and farmer-led movement formed to facilitate processes through which smallholder farmers’ development concerns can be solicited, articulated and ultimately addressed through local, national, regional and international policies and programmes.

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