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The EAC market has about 146 million consumers while the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) comprises of 20 member states with a population of over 460 million people. With agriculture being the main economic activity in the region and small-scale farmers forming the largest group of people involved in agriculture, small scale-farmers especially women don’t feel the benefit of the EAC integration on their livelihood. ESAFF Uganda developed the Online Market Application called Kilimo Mart that is offering a wide range of market opportunities and access to information to small scale farmers in East Africa. This is also the best way to make the EAC integration work for the small scale farmers most especially women small scale farmers. ICT enhances small scale farmers’ production capacities and improves on their livelihood.

What the Mobile Application does

Creating Market Opportunities for small scale farmers

The Online Market Application helps in linking the producers of agricultural products to the consumers who are willing to buy their products through KilimoMart Mobile Application, a website and USSD Code. The Application is presenting small scale farmers with opportunities to get market for their products and services including extension services, agricultural inputs, marketing, and transport services. This in the end will improve on the livelihood of small scale farmers especially women who lack market for their agricultural products and services.

Access to information by small scale farmers

Through the online Market Application, small scale farmers are getting exposed to ICT. Small scale farmers are accessing information on market, weather, extension services, laws and policies. The online engagements also create a platform for small scale farmers to discuss policies and programs that affect their livelihood development in the East African region. They share information with the different stakeholders through chats on different aspects of production. ESAFF Uganda will also use radio and television stations in Uganda and Kenya to share information developed with small scale farmers.
The Online Market Application is also linked to the Government Information Platforms in Uganda and Kenya that allows small scale farmers to interact directly with ministries and entities that are concerned with agriculture and trade in the region. ESAFF Uganda has also developed social media pages for KilimoMart and is being used on different platforms. ESAFF Uganda has developed IECS like Application manuals, brochures, flyers, infographics, banners and posters to enable small scale farmers to use the platforms created to enhance their capacities.

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ESAFF Uganda is a small scale farmer initiated and farmer-led movement formed to facilitate processes through which smallholder farmers’ development concerns can be solicited, articulated and ultimately addressed through local, national, regional and international policies and programmes.

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