Management structure

ESAFF Uganda management structure includes;

Annual General Meeting / Assembly

ESAFF Uganda is a farmer led organization. The AGM is the supreme governing body of ESAFF Uganda. The AGMs role is to assign different role to other structures of the organization. The General Assembly is comprised of three representatives from each district namely the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and any other member of the district council.

National Council / National Board

ESAFF Uganda is governed by nine members of the National board elected during the AGM from fully paid members. The Board is headed by a national chairperson. The role of Board of Directors is to provide effective policy formulation and guidance, strategic decision-making as well as supervision of the plan implementation.

National and Regional Forums / Technical Working Groups (TWGs)

These compose of representation of membership from each of the districts where ESAFF Uganda operates to manage forum activities at that regional and national level and ensure effective membership engagement.

District Council

The district council is elected from fully paid up members of the organization at district level. The role of the district council is to govern the forum at district level. The council comprises of nine members.

Sub county Council

The sub county council is made up of nine members elected from fully paid up members of the forum at the sub county level. The sub county council manages forum activities at sub county level.


The Secretariat is headed by the National Coordinator under the supervision of the National Council. The secretariat is in charge of the technical aspects of implementing the strategic plan.